64 km Ski tracks

24 easy 15 medium and 9 black tracks, and two training grounds for beginners

24 Ski Lifts

1 Cable car, 7 four-chair lifts, 3 six-chair lift, 2 two-chair lifts, 14 ski lifts and three extra ski lifts.

Mountain biking

Three routes to descend 5 km in length built by the standards of the European Union and Canada.

Hiking and Climbing

A large area with rich flora and fauna, streams and rivers, rocky peaks, cliffs and gentle slopes of the folds and valleys, canyons.

Walking tours

Kopaonik offers numerous opportunities for walking.

Panoramic ride by cable car

Experience one of the most beautiful views by cable car or ski lift.


Take-off is carried from the site CESE Eagle (White) wall and flying from the valley to Brzece.

The Summer Ski Slope

The 900-meter trail was made on the already existing trail marked as 3a, alongside of Krst ski lift.

City of Children

A large number of different elements of the game, which are designed to be safe for children.

Ski Resort Kopaonik

The highest mountain in Central Serbia, and the best Ski Center.

Kopaonik is Serbian mountain, also known as Srebrna planina – Silver Mountain with the highest point Pančić's Peak with 2,017 m (6,617 ft). ​
The central part of the Kopaonik plateau was declared a national park in 1981 which today covers an area of 121.06 km2 (46.74 sq mi).​
Kopaonik has a continental climate with fresh sunny summers, and long, cold winters with abundant snowfall. ​
The snow season lasts from November to April.​
On the slopes of Kopaonik there is Kopaonik ski resort which is one of the largest in Southeast Europe.

With 200 sunny and about 160 days under snow cover during the year, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Serbia, ​
The most popular ski resorts in the region, but also an ideal holiday destination throughout the year.​
In the Ski Center on the territory of the National Park there are 48 alpine ski trails, 30 ski trails and two training grounds for beginners.​
The total length of the ski trails is 43,586 m, the average width is 36.5 m, and the total area is 152.21 ha. ​
The slope of the ski trails are from 5 to 44%.​